About us

Eugen Kurash – representative of Europe

Alexander Kurash – representative of Russia

The company «Tyumenohota» (hunting in Tyumen) is a team of like-minded people with more than 20 years’ experience in the hunting business. We organize hunting tours within Russia, mainly, in Siberia. These include traditional group hunts for Siberian roebucks, moose, bears, wild boars, hunts for birds and fur animals. Apart from that, we offer personal hunting tours, including combined hunts, for trophy animals. We also provide all kinds of service during a tour: transfer to hunting areas, comfortable accommodation and meals, a gamekeeper’s service, transport during hunting, primary treatment and packing of trophies, etc. Additionally, services as «before hunt» and «after hunt» can be also provided: excursion programs, booking and accommodation outside hunting areas.

Having own hunting grounds and a wide net of partners, we can guarantee the best quality-price ratio for a big variety of hunts. The greatest evidence to this is that annually there are dozens of amateurs who choose to hunt with us from Germany, Austria, Belgium, Poland, Hungary and other European countries.

From a huge range of possible offers, we will choose the best for you.

Have a good hunt!